Must Try Icelandic food & restaurants.

Don't worry, i'm not going to talk about fermented shark or the lovely sheep's face. This post is going to be about the non exotic, scrumptious Icelandic food that we loved! In no particular order, here's our heavenly list of must try Icelandic food/restaurants. Even if you are travelling around Iceland on a budget, it's worth saving your Icelandic Krona for these!

1. Restaurant - Fjorubordid, Stokkseyri

If you are driving past the South of Iceland, you must make a pit stop at this restaurant for lunch or dinner. On their menu, you will see their famous Lobster bisque (SGD 25 for a small bowl) and Langoustines (sautéed in garlic and butter) served with fresh vegetables and couscous (SGD 65 for a 250g pot).

If you are on a budget, skip the Lobster soup! We felt that it was very pricey and after 5 spoonfuls, we had enough of the rich, creamy langoustine flavour. Go straight for the freshly cooked, divine Langoustines! The minute the waiter placed the huge pot of langoustines in front of us, we knew this was a meal we were going to remember for the rest of our lives! (And yes, we came back here again for dinner on the way back from Vik to Hvolsvollur!)

Remember, if you are on a budget, just ask for water. Icelandic water is so good for you. It's as fresh as water can get!

During winter season, they are usually open from 4-9pm on weekdays and 12-9pm on weekends. We went there on a weekday for a late lunch and didn't make a reservation. I suppose we went there during off peak (we reached at about 4.30pm) cos we managed to get a seat by the window! I highly recommend coming here for a late lunch. Midway during our meal, i took a pause, stared out of the window and soaked in the gorgeous views as the sun began to set at about 5.30pm. Plus, imagine what all that natural light can do for your instagram pics, haha!

2. Restaurant - Tryggvaskali Restaurant, Selfoss

This restaurant is located about 50 mins away from Reykjavik. The day we drove from Hvolsvollur back towards Reykjavik, we decided to splurge on one last fancy meal in Iceland! After going through multiple options on Tripadvisor, we picked this one & were truly rewarded with a great experience!

The exterior of this restaurant reminds me of a quaint country cottage and the interior gets even better! It was a cold and rainy afternoon when we arrived here but the interior gave us instant comfort and a huge dose of warmth from the gloomy weather. I can't explain it, but it really felt like we were at home.

Apparently, this restaurant is built in Icelandic style and has smaller rooms that you must reserve beforehand. Perfect for romantic dates and celebrating special occasions. Don't you think this restaurant belongs to another era? Check out their wall colours and deco. So pretty!!

Let me get straight to the food part now. They have a small menu but trust me, you can't go wrong with your selection. There's something for everyone. Go read their Tripadvisor reviews on their menu selection!

I ordered a cod fish plate served with roasted potatoes and vegetables. And oh, that amazing truffle sauce that came with it went so well with the simple yet great flavours of the grilled asparagus and sweet onions. My husband got the meat plate served with fresh salad and amazingly good sweet potato fries. The food portions were perfect. Five stars for the food, service and ambience! It was truly an authentic Icelandic dining experience!

3. Berg Restaurant at Hotel Edda Vik

We bumped into this restaurant when we were staying at Hotel Edda Vik on our first night. The Berg restaurant is located within the hotel itself. This was where we had THE best lamb in our lives! We are such huge fans of lamb and the moment we saw the "Icelandic lamb fillet" dish (SGD 55) on the menu, we had to try it. My only regret was sharing this dish (we were eating on a budget), haha! I could have finished an entire plate on my own.

Sadly, we didn't take any pictures of our epic lamb meal during our dinner that night. Check out the Tripadvisor pictures here.

Best lamb ever, period. Worth every dollar spent.

4. Icelandic Skyr

One of our airbnb hosts highly recommended for us to try the Vanilla flavoured Icelandic Skyr and guys, this stuff is so darn good! Skyr is an Icelandic yoghurt-like dairy product and apparently, this has been a part of Icelandic cuisine for many years. You can purchase this from their supermarkets. Look out for the Vanilla flavoured one!

I have always been a fan of Greek yoghurt but i have to say, Skyr takes the crown in the battle of yoghurts! I'm dreaming of taking a huge sniff out of a tub of Vanilla flavoured Skyr and dipping my finger right into it! Oh Skyr, what have you done to me? Really hope they ship this to Singapore one day!

Much love, Valli

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