Must-see beautiful beaches in Portugal: Lagos, Algarve.

The coast of the Algarve, located south of Portugal is littered with seriously spectacular beaches one after another. Becoming a SUPER beach bum is effortless here under Algarve's loving sunshine! With only 4 days to spend here, i decided to cover Lagos, located in Western Algarve.

After my wonder woman thighs from hilly Lisbon, Lagos decided to grant me legs of Victoria Secret Models! I clocked in 6-7 hours of hiking everyday! Getting to the wild, beautiful beaches in Lagos requires short hikes, a bottle of water and good footwear/trustworthy flip flops.

2 things i need to share with you before showing you the stunning beach landscapes!


Get more details on the Airbnb i stayed at in Lagos here.

Cost: 39 SGD per night (It's a whole apartment to yourself!)

The location of the Airbnb i stayed at in Lagos couldn't be more perfect. I strongly recommend you to stay here especially if you're not planning to rent a car here. From this Airbnb, i walked/hiked to all the beaches. Lagos's town centre (plenty of food & bar options here) and supermarkets are also located within walking distance from the apartment.


Cheapest way to get from Lisbon to Lagos: (SGD 30-40)

By Train: In total, you will have to take 2 trains.

- From Entrecampos (Lisbon/Lisboa) to Tunes: 3hrs - every 4 hours

- From Tunes to Lagos: 1hr - hourly

By Bus: - From Lisboa/Lisbon to Lagos Bus Station: 4hrs - every 2 hours

Let's get started on everything i experienced in Lagos!

1. Praia Do Pinhao

Before you reach Praia Do Pinhao's main beach area, you will see this little stairway leading down to the unreal colours of the ocean. If you choose not to go down this stairway and continue walking for another 15 mins, you will see steps which will take you down to the main Praia Do Pinhao beach.

I have never had this much fun wild-beach hopping! If you don't have good footwear for the mini hikes, just go barefoot!

Ta-da!! Look at the postcard views! On the mini hike to this beach, you will also be treated to panoramic views of Lagos. There are no restaurants or deck chairs on this beach and it's totally untouched by commercialism. I came back to this beach the next morning to watch the sunrise and meditate! It was quite amazing to have the whole beach and the glistening ocean to myself!

2. Praia Do Porto De Mos

This has to be my favourite-st beach in the whole world! I arrived at Praia Do Porto De Mos just before sunset and i remember standing in the middle of this velvety soft sand beach, taking in the endless stunning shoreline with no one in sight. It was the first time i felt this intimate with the setting sun and before i knew it, i had tears rolling down my cheeks. I just couldn't believe how beautiful and perfect everything was.

I came back to Praia Do Porto De Mos the next day and spent 6 hours here! Best nap of my life, on this beach.

On the walk from the Airbnb to the beach, i almost stepped onto this little fellow. Look at how well camouflaged he is!

Lunch on this day was at a restaurant i bumped into on the way to Praia Do Porto De Mos. The restaurant's called Triangulo. I told the waiter i couldn't decide on the choice of fish so he recommended this mixed fish grill. Look at all the fish! (Meow!!) All meals come with roasted potatoes, fresh salad and very generous servings of olive oil. Total lunch cost: 12 Euros

Ended my perfect day with a scrumptious salmon plate (sorry, i was too hungry to pause and take a food picture. Trust me, it was good!) from Campimar Beach Restaurant located on the beach itself and gorgeous sunset as my company. And I have to say, Portugal will keep spoiling you with its affordable & fresh seafood dining options!

3. Ponta Da Piedade

Ponta Da Piedade has the most beautiful shoreline on earth with stunning cliffs against the deep turquoises and greens of the Atlantic Ocean! Woah!!

As you can already tell, Lagos is an open gym! To get to the base of Ponta Da Piedade from here, you have to climb down (and up) a flight of 182 steps!

One of the many pretty arches of Ponta da Piedade. Compared to all the other beaches i hiked to, the hike to this beach took the longest and i only managed to explore 70% of the surrounding area on foot! If your trip budget allows for it, there are several boat tour options to view the numerous grottos and cave formations. You can even explore the area by kayak (strongly recommeded!).

4. Sagres

Sagres is a small town located at the extreme western tip of the Algarve. I was completely blown away by the towering cliffs here and a little spooked by the rough seas, haha. My Airbnb host said that Sagres has some of the best surfing beaches of Portugal and i can see why! Very very brave surfers, they must be!

Sunset at Cape Saint Vincent - Look at the size of the sun and it's reflection on the sea. This has to be the most beautiful sunset i have ever seen in my life!

5. Lagos Town

In love with the beautiful cobbled lanes of the charming town centre of Lagos. The centre of Lagos isn't very big but it's possible to easily get lost with all the little streets criss-crossing. It was super fun getting lost deliberately and exploring all the cafes & traditional pastry shops around.

There's always music just around the corner.

I was completely spoiled by all the picturesque scenes around me and really felt as if someone put me in a Portuguese movie set.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on Portuguese made Peri Peri Chicken for dinner! Someone once told me - "Without a great Piri Piri, chicken is just chicken. It has no mojo!" This one definitely did! The perfect 6 Euros meal ever!

Look at the early morning sun rising over the boats in the Marina! This was taken on the day i was leaving Lagos to head back to Lisbon. To get to the Lagos Train Station (25 mins walk from the Airbnb i stayed at), you have to cut through Lagos Town Centre and then walk along the water front towards Lagos Marina. It was such a beautiful morning walk making eye contact with the joggers passing by and telepathically saying "sorry for disturbing the calm atmosphere with my noisy luggage wheels on the cobblestone path!"

Ahhhhh. Lagos, take me back.

If you are heading to Portugal in summer, Lagos is a must-visit! I can't wait for you to fall head over heels in love with its beaches and hear your stories after! :))

Much love,


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