Boracay - One of the world's best sunset spots.

I was there, standing on the White Sand Beach in awe of the pink, orange, gold and blue streaks painting the sky. It was one of the best 60 mins of my life. Before i met you Boracay, i didn't think the sky could be set on fire. Never have i seen a sunset as beautiful as yours.

My trip to Boracay with my husband was a rather short 4D3N stay. As our total travel time from Singapore (Changi Airport) to our hotel in Boracay was 7 hours, we only had 2 full days here. I highly recommend for you to stay here for 6 days at least to soak in Boracay's stunning beaches, insanely beautiful sunsets, super affordable fresh oysters, heavenly Calamansi Muffins, the sweet yet perfectly balanced sour flavours of dried mangoes (imported from Cebu, haha) and its ultra warm hospitality!

Getting from Singapore to Boracay:

1st Lap (Via Flight): Tiger Airways from Singapore (Changi Airport) to Kalibo Airport (KLO): 4 hrs

2nd Lap (Via Van/Bus): Kalibo Airport (KLO) to Caticlan Jetty Port: 1.5 hrs

3rd Lap (Via Ferry): Caticlan Jetty Port to Boracay Island: 15 mins

4th Lap (Via Car arranged by our hotel): 15 mins

Total Travel time including waiting time ~ Approximately 7 hours.

Note: You could also take a flight from Singapore to Caticlan Airport instead of Kalibo Airport. However, the flight ticket for this route costs about $100-$200 more. Although you will save 1.5 hours on road travel since Caticlan Jetty Port is right next to Caticlan Airport, do keep in mind that the flight time is longer (6.5 hours if you fly with Philippine Airlines via Manila and 9 hours with Tiger Airways via Manila.)

Where to Stay:

We stayed at COAST BORACAY (located at Station 2) during our stay here. I couldn't get enough of the dreamy morning views at the entrance of this beach front hotel and their scrumptious complimentary breakfast buffet! You are going to be blown away by the hotel staff's extra warm hospitality too. This was one of our best hotel stays ever!

A Unicorn magically appeared at the pool of this hotel.

Missing the epic morning views of the beach from the hotel entrance.

Look at what the hotel served with coffee. Such a nice touch!

Favourite moments from this trip:

Fresh oysters - One of our proud purchases from D'Talipapa (Wet market)! Remember, you have to bargain at the wet market. Since we went after 2pm, most of the store owners were willing to drop prices to sell their goods off! You can bring your purchase of fresh seafood and vegetables from D'Talipapa to any of the restaurants nearby and ask them to cook it for you in your preferred style. They will charge you a service fee accordingly. Look at all the fresh oyster goodness!!

1kg of fresh prawns from D'Talipapa - Prepared with divine garlic butter.

Such gorgeous shades of white and blue parked along the coastline of the White Sand Beach.

Before we left for Boracay, we had friends asking us to buy these calamansi muffins back for them. Now, we know why! These muffins are truly heavenly and the best in the island can be found at Real Coffee. The light & fluffy calamansi muffins here have a perfect balance of lemony sourness and sweetness. These reminded me of the lemon butter cakes i had in Paris!

I was so thrilled to have our initials carved in the sand at the White Sand Beach! V +V. They cleared it after we took this photo! :(

It's super therapeutic watching these sand castles being built with such speed and care. The youngest builder was 8 years old!

Spider House - This popular tourist spot apparently has the best views of sunset in Boracay. The day we were here, the chubbiest of clouds decided to join us too and we barely saw the sun. So before you decide to come here, check the weather forecast first. Or, come here for the food and the sea views with no expectations.

Spider House serves good pizzas if you need a break from the local food. (Spot the Spidey.)

#nofilter. You will get to see out-of-this-world sunset porn if you get lucky. We were here for 3 nights and we only experienced this epic sunset on our 1st night! (The remaining 2 nights had heavy cloud cover.) We were so thankful just to experience this magical sunset once in our lives.

#nofilter. These gorgeous sunset colours kept changing every other minute!

Important note for travelers to Boracay:

1. At arrival, you will see these 2 booths for SIM card options. Do not purchase from Globe. (We purchased from Globe as the queue was shorter and both providers charge the same price.) The reception/connectivity with Globe was terrible during our 4 days in Boracay. The other travelers we met told us to get the Smart SIM card next time.

2. At departure, keep enough cash for airport tax at Kalibo Airport. The fee is 700 Philippine Pesos for international departures, paid in cash only. The airport staff do not alert you about this at the check-in counter. And if you don't carry enough cash, you have to leave the departure queue, head outside the airport to the nearest ATM to withdraw. So, be prepared.

Happy travels in Boracay! :)

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